ClojureScript Made Easy

Jonathan Boston The reach of JavaScript is unparalleled, which is one reason so many compile-to-JavaScript languages have popped up in recent history. With so many new JavaScript technologies being released on a seemingly hourly basis, what does ClojureScript offer that makes it stand out? ClojureScript, by design, guides and encourages developers to think in simple concepts. We’ll explore simple vs. easy, decomplecting, and the power of making data a first class citizen. With this talk, I hope to: * Point out some principles that will make you a better JavaScript developer * Make you yearn for ClojureScript in your next project ClojureScript is a Lisp that embraces immutability by default and encourages explicit state management. Those are some big words that we’ll gently walk through.
Length: 30:52
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Recorded on 2015-11-14 at Nodevember
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