About Code And Talk

What is this site?

A collection of ...


To provide a place where people who are looking for speaking opportunities and people who would like to attend events can easily find what they are looking for.

To make it easy for people who cannot attend events to find and watch presentations from previous events.

To make it easy for Open Source and Tech conference organizers to list their events (it is just a pull-request).


Gabor Szabo runs the site, but given that both the source code and the data can be found on GitHub anyone can easily contribute.


The site seriously needs some design and more data. You can contribute events, and corrections to existing data. One of the most valuable contribution might be to add "topics" to the events and "tags" to the videos.


If you'd like to see additional podcasts listed here, file a ticket or open a pull request.


There are plenty of places where events are collected. Some are generic places where any type of event can be listed. Other are for a specific technology or a specific country.



Total number of events: 1588
Future events: 0
Events with Open CFP: 0
Diversity Tickets: 0
Code of Conduct: 0%
Accessibility: 0%
Diversity Tickets: 0%


Podcasts: 81
Episodes: 868


People: 4500


Videos: 5444

This is a collection of future Open Source and Tech conferences, and video recordings from previous conferences.

The collection started on 24 October 2016 so not surprisingly it still has only a few items and the UI is well, let's not say anything about that.

Nevertheless I believe in release early release often and thus you already have access to the site. If you'd like to add a conference, or improve the site, everything can be found in this GitHub repository.