Test Driven Laravel

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Adam Wathan presenting. Test-driven development can be hard, and a lot of the "rules" can often become a distraction from the real reasons you're writing tests in the first place. In this talk, you'll find out what the real benefits of TDD are, what really makes code "good", and why testability shouldn't be your only yardstick for measuring code quality.

Adam also shows some of the pitfalls of a "purist" testing approach, and give you strategies you can use to test-first without sacrificing simplicity or expressiveness in your code.

If you've ever given up on testing because it seemed so hard to do everything "by the book", this talk will feel like a breath of fresh air and give you the tools you need to start writing tests that really matter.


Length: 44:03
Recorded on 2015-10-19 at ZendCon
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