ADEM (Breathe) - An Arduino based device to measure air pollution

The aim of the ADEM project is to create a device that collects air pollution data (PM1.0 and PM2.5 fine dust) and is mounted on bicycles to crowd-source factual air pollution information in and around the city of Ghent, Belgium. The hardware and firmware design is modular and extendable. The device can be locally (re)produced and repaired.

During this presentation we will look at the hardware and firmware design. New ideas and future extensions. But we also touch on the problems related to particulate matter and air pollution. The device uses an ESP8266 with various sensors and output devices. The firmware is written in C++ using the Arduino framework.

The project is Open Source, and completely run by volunteers. To evaluate this submission, more information is available from our project websites.

GitHub project See also the air quality information in Eindhoven. Mobile air quality measurement.

Length: 62:31
Recorded on 2016-11-12 at T-DOSE
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