Building your own anti-burglary system

January 2013 saw a burglary at Klaas van Gend's house. After he closed all doors and figured out what was missing, he started thinking about burglary prevention and decided to build his own alarm system. Cheap IP Cameras are available all over the Internet, a Raspberry Pi board lying around and software available in plenty, right? Checking the existing open source projects showed a few interesting candidates. In the end Klaas wrote his own alarm system, based on C++ and OpenCV. This talk will describe all of the above: how the burglars got in, how to prevent that, open source alarm systems and the development of his own code. Being the base of several existing systems, Klaas will dive deep into OpenCV, the open source computer vision library and explain the use in his system.
Length: 54:44
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Recorded on 2013-10-26 at T-DOSE
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