Multithreaded Programming with the new C11 and C++11 standards

2011 Finally saw the publication of the new C11 and C++11 standards. Both standards finally add multithreading to the standard language and libraries, fortunately in an interoperable way. Especially the C++11 standard adds some really neat ways that change the way programmers will think about multithreaded code. Klaas will introduce the new features of both the C11 and C++11 languages and discuss how far gcc and clang are implementing the new standards. Klaas is very enthusiastic about the new versions of both programming languages - it will make his professional life a lot easier. Warning: this is a talk about updates to programming languages. Some people consider watching a still wet painting of growing grass to be more exciting.
Length: 43:23
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Recorded on 2012-10-27 at T-DOSE
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