18 months The Butterfly Effect

18 months The Butterfly Effect - what can an open source game achieve? Authors: Klaas van Gend and Peter van Ginneken This recording: We will briefly introduce the "why" of this open source, physics-based, interpretation of "The Incredible Machine" May 2009, Peter and Klaas finally decided to make an open source version of the world-famous computer game "The Incredible Machine" (or TIM in short). Eighteen months have passed. We're well over a thousand commits in SVN. The game exists, has 40+ levels and is slowly gathering a community. Apart from discussing the programming of the game itself, this is a story of trial and error, looking at the competition, figuring out how to get publicity and a serious dose of "what have we learned".
Length: 49:33
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Recorded on 2010-11-07 at T-DOSE
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