MicroApps Architecture -- The way to do microservices for web apps (Hebrew)

When you have a web app owned by several teams - very soon you will need to handle issues like: quality, ownership and autonomy. Using the "micro services architecture" hammer is not that trivia when your nail is a monolithic web application. How do you handle: session management, security, cross apps links and user experience ? In this talk i will describe how we did manage to solve most of the issues, and ended up with smaller web apps (aks microApps) running a modern technology, with full ownership and autonomy. Technical debt Why did you build it that way? For historical reasons. There is a lot of code that was written that could be replaced by a plugin or a configuration option. How to get from the mess to a nice MicroApplication system? Salami or Scrambled egg? Implementing a proxy in front of all the MicroApps that handles the authentication, logging, monitoring, etc. "Infrastructure as a service"
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Recorded on 2016-09-19 at Reversim Summit
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