How to Build a Micro-services Infrastructure In 7 Days (Hebrew)

On December 2015, during an internal Wix Hackathon, we decided to rewrite our aging Micro-services infrastructure. This is our story. In this story, we will see how to build a modern infrastructure that enables you to deploy a self-servicing grid of computers on which micro-services can run and discover one another. Will I show the best way to build a Micro-services infrastructure? No, but I will be showing how easy it is to build using off the shelf components like Mesos, Node, and Nginx. Through describing the process of building one for a Hackathon, you will understand, in a more visceral way, what consists a Micro-services infrastructure, and what you will need to think about when you will build one.
Length: 26:47
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Recorded on 2016-09-19 at Reversim Summit
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