Step 1) Hack, Step 2) ?, Step 3) Profit

Step 1) Hack, Step 2) ?, Step 3) Profit By Bradley Herman Hired's mission is to get everyone a job they love. As a transparent marketplace, Hired connects companies and engineers using technology and a personal touch. Initially a weekend hack project, it's grown to help thousands find their dream jobs/teams in 16 cities in 6 countries. From that origin, Hired has regularly focused efforts in hackathons, which have spurred much of the company's innovation. Hiten & Brad will talk about their culture of empowerment, creativity, and trust and highlight several core features that have grown from small experiments to foundational parts of the experience. Help us caption & translate this video!
Length: 35:32
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Recorded on 2016-05-04 at Rails Conf
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