You’re Using Open Source, but are you respecting it?

Research shows a typical software project consist of more than 50% Open Source Software (OSS), and only about 2% are known and have their obligations followed. With the rise in OSS adoption, many companies and projects are not currently following obligation requirements for that usage. Palamida Founder & CTO, Jeff Luszcz, will moderate a panel discussion on how organizations first set up their discovery process for their true usage, remediation of things they could not use, and ongoing management of their Open Source Software (changes in licenses, policy, new software vulnerabilities). To give the audience a broad view of the topic, our panelists will include senior level guests from Legal, Engineering, and R&D Operations. Key topics will include: - Common Compliance pitfalls - OSS & Commercial license issues - Lessons from Legal Cases & the latest Security Vulnerabilities - Addressing OSS management across multiple departments - Remediation & Fixing problems - Community Expectations - Where and how OSS is used (M&A, internal software development, open source project governance)
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Recorded on 2016-04-23 at Linuxfest Northwest
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