Please Understand Me

In our world there are two kinds of people: developers and managers. The people who don’t earn nearly enough money, given the incredible amount of mind-bending work they do all day, and the people who get way too much money for talking all day (and sending emails of course). Nevertheless, developers and managers - slightly irritated by each other’s presence and radically opposing life goals - need to work together productively, in order to satisfy someone known as “the customer”. Having been a “developer” for years, now I’ve become a “manager” myself. Instead of hating it, I’m slowly embracing it. I’m in a unique position to oversee and (partly) understand what’s going on. I’ll share with you everything I know that will be of vital importance to improve your relationship with any manager nearby. Trying to understand each other (including the omnipotent “customer”) will be key to your personal process of becoming the dev that’s worth their own weight in gold.
Length: 35:10
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Recorded on 2016-08-23 at Laracon EU
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