Introduction to Promises

In this talk, I will introduce the concept of promises, and discuss when and how they are useful. I will then demo an example of how I've used them to get rid of messy chains of call-backs and produce something much cleaner.

I will also demo a way of using promises, generators, let and for-of, all of which were introduced ES6, to provide an elegant way to chain asynchronous methods in a synchronous way.

Promises to help avoid callback hell.

Speaker Bio:

Katharine has been a developer at Investec for the past year and a half, where she currently works primarily in JS and ObjC. She is passionate about coding and continuously finding ways to improve her craft. She also really loves maths, especially graph theory (in which which she recently completed a masters degree). She fancies herself something of an activist, and is outspoken about her experiences as a transgender woman in tech.

Length: 9:21
Recorded on 2016-07-16 at JavaScript in South Africa
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