React: Learn Once Write Anywhere

React has set the front end development world on fire. It seems nearly over night that React became the darling of JavaScripts developers everywhere and before you knew it, sites like Netflix, reddit, Khan Academy, Airbnb, and more were rewriting entire front ends to harness that power. The React inferno isn’t contained to just the DOM though; other communities have taken notice and are beginning to harness the power of the one-way data flow that React enforces. In this talk we’ll give you a brief overview of why React is so ®evolutionary for user interface development and some other communities that have taken hold of it as well. We’ll talk about seeing React everywhere from the DOM to the terminal, native mobile, game consoles, three dimensional environments, and even virtual reality.
Length: 27:28
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Recorded on 2016-08-25 at JSConf Iceland
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