Bundling With H2 Server Push

Tools and techniques to optimise website delivery beyond Webpack and Browserify using the new worlds of HTTP/2. Seb is is a software engineer with a passion for front-end web development and open-source software. With over 15 years of experience, he has expertise in bringing startups from idea to a launched minimum viable product and growing technical teams. As a freelance front-end engineer, he has worked with various startups in Singapore, including RedMart, Migme, Adz (now CtrlShift), and Nugit. When he’s not busy coding, you can find him cultivating the local developer community. Seb is the co-organiser of the Front End Developers Singapore (FEDS) meetup and regularly speaks at SingaporeJS events. JSConf.Asia - Capitol Theatre, Singapore - 26 November 2016. Source: https://2016.jsconf.asia/ Slides: https://sebdeckers.gitlab.io/talk-http2server-unbundle/assets/player/KeynoteDHTMLPlayer.html License: For reuse of this video under a more permissive license please get in touch with us. The speakers retain the copyright for their performances.
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Recorded on 2016-11-25 at JSConf Asia
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