NeuroJS - Capturing And Visualizing Brainwaves With Angular 2

*** Watch an additional demo at minute 30:30 of this video *** Come and see a demonstration on how to interact with an open-source brain-computer interface via JavaScript. I have been working with the OpenBCI team in order to visualize brainwaves in the browser with Angular 2. Find out how your thoughts are captured and how to get involved in the NeuroTech community. Alex is a Software Engineer at Netflix and specializes in enterprise single-page applications. He is very passionate about the human brain and how we can use technology to understand it better. Alex has contributed to the open source community and focuses on Angular and NeuroTech. In his spare time, he likes experimenting with guitars and IoT. JSConf.Asia - Capitol Theatre, Singapore - 26 November 2016. Source: License: For reuse of this video under a more permissive license please get in touch with us. The speakers retain the copyright for their performances.
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Recorded on 2016-11-25 at JSConf Asia
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