Erlang in a Financial Startup: A War Story

My employer has a successful suite of products that grew out of a monolithic app. When the monolith was split into different products and services one particular service had requirements that were naturally met by Erlang: distributed execution, fault tolerance, and horizontal scalability. I've been working on an implementation of this service that meets the above requirements while retaining the existing interface and features.

In this presentation, I'll explain how I've created a solution combining Erlang with an existing heterogeneous stack that includes the JVM (Java/Scala), R, Perl, Python, and Javascript. The presentation is a summary of my ongoing work on this solution, the key challenges I faced, their solutions, and the future road map for the project.

Trying to replace the Java-based orchestration by Erlang.

Wrapper: erlexec by Serge Aleynikov

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Recorded on 2016-10-13 at Functional Conf
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