Does Drupal have an identity crisis? Drupal at 15

DrupalSouth Gold Coast 2016 Does Drupal have an identity crisis? Drupal at 15 Room: Realityloop (Level 2) Fri, 28-Oct, 13:15 Intermediate - Inventing Lee Rowlands Drupal as a project is now 15 years old. From humble beginnings it has grown to a very flexible framework that can interface and integrate with almost anything. But at 15, is it suffering an identity crisis? The presence of less technical forks like Backdrop suggests there are some growing pains. How does Drupal reconcile its 'for everyone' philosophy with the level of complexity required to get started? Is Drupal trying to be too many things to too many people? Core itself seems to be suffering from this identity crisis, functionality like CMI is clearly designed for enterprise applications, yet there are modules in core like Block Place that seem to be aimed at less technical users. This session will be run like a core conversation. The presenter will lay out the conversation points for the first half of the session and then open the floor for discussion and input from attendees.
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Recorded on 2016-10-26 at Drupal South
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