Disruptive trends in the web 2016

DrupalSouth Gold Coast 2016 https://goldcoast2016.drupal.org.au/ Disruptive trends in the web 2016 Room: Realityloop (Level 2) Thu, 27-Oct, 15:15 Beginner - Inventing Sean Hamlin Background This was a presentation that was delivered to a large media organisation and talks about the trends that I see coming in the web. This is a presentation that aims to showcase and explain some of the top emerging trends in the web that I see coming in 2016 and beyond. Who this session is for - Technical leads and developers looking to see what is coming - Business and product owners looking to stay ahead and competitive - Anyone with an interest in the web and Drupal Covered in this session The high level topics covered are: - Progressive Web Apps - Accelerated Mobile Pages - Drupal 8 - Distributions - Omnichannel - PHP 7 - Personalisation - DDoS protection https://goldcoast2016.drupal.org.au/session/disruptive-trends-web-2016
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Recorded on 2016-10-26 at Drupal South
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