New and improved ... Selling the value of new Drupal 8 technical features

Drupal 8 is finally here! It is amazing! It is great to work with! It's full of new technologies, features that help you work better, deliver better websites and applications, and ... wow! Now: What do prospective clients and non-developers care about? Not our shiny new widgets. This session will help you explain the value that a bunch of new features in Drupal 8 deliver ... not the shiny widgets. It's the geeky stuff translated into the stuff that can excite clients, prospects, and business people. You'll come out armed with ideas, talking points and resources to help wow your next prospect into being your next Drupal 8 client. Take-aways: Talking points for your next Drupal 8 client pitch. Thoughts on translating and presenting technologies as business value rather than widgets. Where we came from and why where we're going is even better.
Length: 57:00
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Recorded on 2016-05-09 at DrupalCon New Orleans
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