It’s All Just Functions And Variables

Michael’s talk, It‘s All Just Functions And Variables, will tell the story of how weeks of being taunted by nonsensical compiler errors and a supportive community turned him, a "lowly" front end developer, into a core contributor to LibSass - a large C/C++ project. He will unravel the stigma that "front end developers aren't real programmers" which propagates throughout the industry and into the hearts and minds of fellow developers. Michael will convince you that regardless of whether you write CSS, JavaScript or COBOL, you are as much a programmer as anyone on your team or the intenet, and that it’s not our languages that define us but our willingness to learn to master our domain. Michael is a front end engineer at 99designs where he focuses on performance and tooling. He is a core contributor to LibSass and the Node-Sass project lead. He also started the MelbCSS Meetup and is an organizer of CSSConf AU.
Length: 34:00
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Recorded on 2015-09-26 at CSS Conf EU
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