Developing for Localization

As a developer for Getty Images whose site is localized into more than 20 languages, Katie is all too familiar with the layout havoc caused by translated content. In her talk, "Developing for Localization: CSS Techniques To Get Your Message Across To The World Wide Web", she will demonstrate CSS techniques to get your message across the world wide web. From easy wins such as non-embedded image copy to sneaky replacements for padding and margin to buff up those grids, you'll learn robust techniques for your day-to-day CSS development. Katie is a front end developer for Getty Images in Seattle, USA and a curator of Cascadia Fest, a local JavaScript and CSS conference. She is a veteran of the days of table-based layouts and JavaScript debugging using alerts. She also fiddles with Nodebots, volunteers for GDI Seattle, makes glass art, or plays with dice and super heroes.
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Recorded on 2015-09-26 at CSS Conf EU
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