Performance Beyond Page Load

Performance is now considered as a requirement, after evolving from the evolutionary phase of being a feature. Web has also evolved and so has it's reach into several devices other than desktop, which are less capable in comparison of performance. Thus, it has made all the more important for us to dive deep to learn how our CSS code works inside browser and how it affects the rendering performance of our webpage. I'll suggest you to be prepared to receive a performance dose in this talk, while I share our experiences while performance auditing several web applications. A web standards lover, performance coach and polygot programmer. Apoorv works as Software Artisan at Wingify. In his spare time he loves to experiment stuff in kitchen and travel. CSSConf.Asia - Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore - 18 November 2015. Source: Slides: License: For reuse of this video under a more permissive license please get in touch with us. The speakers retain the copyright for their performances.
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Recorded on 2015-11-18 at CSSConf Asia
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