Tech Lead Skills for Developers

The speaker works at ThoughtWorks Author of Talking with Tech Leads and The Retrospective Handbook Where can Tech leads go to ask for help? People are really different from computers. A simple test for effective tech lead: Does the codebase look like it was written by a single person? What does a good tech focus on? Do effective Technical Leaders need to spend time with the code? Mostly pair programming, code-reviews, etc. Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks Consistency over Cleverness Standardized code layout Channel the passion people feel about code layout into solving real business and technical problems. Team Culture: Strength in Diversity Strengthsfinder Woo = Winning others over The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies New Edition Scott E. Page Learning activities: Situational Leadership Model
Length: 45:20
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Recorded on 2017-04-28 at Craft Conf
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