Model based programming in PAMELA

We'll introduce PAMELA (Probabalistic Advanced Modeling and Execution Learning Architecture) which is a new declarative language and framework for process modeling. We'll also give a live demo of PLANVIZ - the PAMELA visualization tool to visualize Temporal Planning Networks (TPNs) and Hierarchical Task Networks (HTNs). PLANVIZ is written in ClojureScript, is based on om.text and leverages schema to parse and render TPNs and HTNs as interactive, resolution independent SVG graphs. Multiple users can collaboratively view the same perspective of a graph and even watch progress as the temporal plan is executed in real time. Dynamic Object Language Labs uses PAMELA to support automated reasoning about systems, to plan for mission implementations, and to diagnose and track model state at run time.
Length: 38:17
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Recorded on 2016-04-15 at Clojure West
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