BeeScala 2016: Pawel Dolega - A gentle introduction to Slick 3 (accessing RDMBS from Scala 101)

This talk was recorded at BeeScala 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Follow along on Twitter @BeeScalaConf and on the website for more information Abstract: The goal of the presentation is to have a quick introduction to Slick in version 3.x. Lots of things have changed since version 2.x so even if you are familiar with previous version it still may be useful to take a look at how things have changed. Presentation is to be pragmatic, so after going through it (together with code samples) you should be able to start using it in your project with no problems. We will rather focus on how basics of Slick work and how you can build relevant queries / operations / patterns rather than Slick internals.
Length: 51:08
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Recorded on 2016-11-25 at Bee Scala
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