BeeScala 2016: Noel Markham - ScalaCheck like a boss

This talk was recorded at BeeScala 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Follow along on Twitter @BeeScalaConf and on the website for more information Abstract: This talk will be an all-encompassing tour of ScalaCheck. I’ll start with a brief introduction for those who have never used the tool before. I’ll then illustrate some interesting ways to design properties, to make sure you get the most out of the library, showing how it differs from other unit testing frameworks like JUnit, Specs2 or ScalaTest. I’ll also talk about how ScalaCheck integrates with other libraries, specifically some from the Typelevel suite, and I’ll finish by introducing a new library to help ScalaCheck work with dates and times, and show some techniques for working with that. By the end of my talk you’ll definitely have all the ammunition you need to be using ScalaCheck from the outset on your current project!
Length: 36:05
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Recorded on 2016-11-25 at Bee Scala
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