BeeScala 2016: Manuel Bernhardt - Six years of Scala and counting

This talk was recorded at BeeScala 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Follow along on Twitter @BeeScalaConf and on the website for more information Abstract: The Scala language and its environment have been evolving quite significantly over the past few years. The adoption of the language is slowly growing and it can now even be found in use in rather conservative enterprise settings. At the same time there have been quite a few criticism of the language, its ecosystem and its practicability in larger teams. Many developers are still avoiding to have a more serious look at Scala and its ecosystem for a variety of reasons ranging from the fear of good tooling support to the apprehension of advanced category theory principles. This talk is a reflection upon six years of working professionally with Scala in projects of various size and shape. It aims at conveying some of the learnings and practical insights gained during that time as well as to debunk some of the many preconceptions that surround the language and its ecosystem.
Length: 43:45
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Recorded on 2016-11-25 at Bee Scala
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