It Takes a Platform to Build a Community

This era of IT is full of stories of fast growing startups disrupting industry stalwarts leveraging big data new user experiences built from open source software. While these startups merely need to find engineers with the talent to build these new services, existing enterprises need to find this expertise while helping bridge their existing business and customer relationships into these new experiences. Large enterprise customers turn to Pivotal to create innovation platforms because they recognize Pivotal's leadership in open source and openly governed communities, ranging from the self-governed Spring Source community, to creating the Cloud Foundry Foundation, and most recently making some significant contributions of new projects to ASF. Hear the latest about how Pivotal is working with ASF to grow in-memory computing with Apache Geode, SQL on Hadoop with Apache HAWQ, Data Science with Apache MADlib. Find out about the Open Data Platform (ODP) and how this community of communities enhances the core mission of ASF for the betterment of big data technology users. Speakers Greg Chase
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Recorded on 2015-09-28 at Apache Big Data Europe
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