Open source conferences discussing wordpress


Earlier events

2017-02-06 LoopConf Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
2016-09-03 WordCamp Split Split, Croatia
2017-07-14 WPCampus Buffalo, New York, USA
2018-02-21 LoopConf Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
2018-11-14 2018-07-22 php[world] Washington, District of Columbia, USA
2018-11-03 WordCamp Kochi, Kerala, India
2018-11-01 WordCamp Cape Town Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
2018-11-03 WordCamp Portland Portland, Oregon, USA
2018-11-03 WordCamp Portland Maine Portland, Maine, USA
2018-11-03 WordCamp Riverside Riverside, California, USA
2018-11-09 WordCamp Orlando Orlando, Florida, USA
2018-11-09 WordCamp Bogotá Bogotá, Spain
2018-11-10 WordCamp Seattle Seattle, Washington, USA
2018-11-17 WordCamp Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
2018-11-10 WordCamp Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth, Texas, USA
2018-11-16 WordCamp Granada Granada, Spain
2018-11-10 WordCamp Islamabad Islamabad, Pakistan
2018-11-16 WordCamp Milano Milan, Italy
2018-11-10 WordCamp Puebla Puebla, Mexico
2018-11-23 WordCamp Harare Harare, Zimbabwe
2018-11-23 WordCamp Kampala Kampala, Uganda
2018-11-17 WordCamp Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2018-11-24 WordCamp Montevideo Montevideo, Uruguay
2018-11-23 WordCamp Nairobi Nairobi, Kenya
2018-11-24 WordCamp Nepal Pokhara, Nepal
2018-11-24 WordCamp Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
2018-12-01 WordCamp Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2018-12-01 WordCamp Ahmedabad Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
2018-12-07 WordCamp US Nashville Nashville, Tennessee, USA
2018-12-22 WordCamp Biratnagar Biratnagar, Nepal
2018-12-15 WordCamp Thessaloniki Thessaloniki, Greece
2016-07-15 WPCampus Sarasota, Florida, USA
2017-07-14 WPCampus Buffalo, New York, USA
2018-07-12 WPCampus St. Louis, Missouri, USA
2018-12-07 WordCamp Lille Lille, France
2018-10-27 WordCamp Utrecht, The Netherlands
2018-10-27 WordCamp Manchester, England, UK
2018-06-02 Pittsburgh TechFest Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
2019-10-23 2019-05-22 php[world] Washington, District of Columbia, USA