The Future of the Web

Progressive Web Apps is more or less almost the entire web story that we're working on. It includes Service Workers, Push and more, but also for future APIs and possibilities like Payments, Credential Management, Web Bluetooth and such. Let's take a bird's-eye view on the web platform with new features, how it fits in and relates to native mobile platforms, and where it's going and how to make sure it stays relevant. View Source Berlin 12-14 September, 2016 Robert is a strong believer in the Open Web, and has been working since 1999 with Front End development for the web, in Sweden and in New York City. He is currently the Global Lead for Developer Feedback & Communities, Web Platform, at Google, and loves to travel and meet people and helps developers in creating great things! Robert has presented in 37 countries, and holds claim to the title of most well-travelled speaker on Lanyrd. He is listed by Twitter as one of 23 Swedes to follow and 5th best developer in Sweden.
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Recorded on 2016-09-13 at View Source Berlin
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