Laying out the future with Grid and Flexbox

It is 2016. CSS is now 20 years old, and it has taken this long for us to get a true layout system designed for web pages and applications. A layout system, not based on hacking properties designed for something else entirely, but one that considers the reality of design for the web today. In this talk I’ll introduce this new layout system, a system encompassing Flexbox, CSS Grid Layout and the Box Alignment Module. We’ll take a look at the mindset shift needed to really take advantage of these modules, and also consider what they mean in terms of accessibility and performance. View Source Berlin 12-14 September, 2016 Rachel Andrew lives in Bristol, England. She is one half of web development company, the company behind Perch CMS ( Rachel has been working on the web since 1996 and writing about the web for almost as long. Her books include the recent Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout and HTML5 for Web Designers second edition. She is a regular columnist for A List Apart as well as other publications online and print. You can find her on Twitter as @rachelandrew and writing about technology and business on her blog at
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Recorded on 2016-09-13 at View Source Berlin
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