Text to Speech and Linux

There's only one thing wrong with the Text to Speech options in the Linuxsphere. They suck. And it's not due to lack of trying by the various developers.

They work with the tools they have at the time they have them. But try as they may, the best that they can come up with is a cross between Cher and a constipated robot.

And to even get that into something audible entailed installing 3 different apps to achieve one line of speech.

I gave a 20 minute talk during LibrePlanet 2015 via text to speech but it was a closed solution and I had to purchase a $90.00 subscription just to do my talk at Cambridge.

The technology is out there, and from what I see within my circles, so is the talent. Tens of thousands of people like myself will depend on this software to make it through day to day living.

I want to find the people to make that happen. And yes, I will do it via text to speech. Oh, come on...It'll be fun.

The speaker is also the founder of the Reglue Foundation through which he helps

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Recorded on 2015-08-21 at Texas LinuxFest
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