BSD for Linux Users

You've heard the saying ""FreeBSD for servers, OpenBSD for firewalls and NetBSD for appliances."" But what can BSD do for you at your desk, on your laptop or in your data center? In this talk we'll look at what's going on in BSD, look at several of BSD distributions, where and how they're being used and discuss unique or advanced technologies in the BSD world. Aaron Poffenberger, CISSP, has more than 17 years experience developing commercial software. Aaron has developed security and auditing software for PentaSafe Security Technologies, NetIQ and now BRS Labs, Inc. Aaron has also worked in the field of web services and streaming media, most recently for The Anime Network. At BRS Labs Aaron leads development of the AISight 5.x SCADA driver as well as the AISight Core Technologies API and SDK.
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Recorded on 2015-08-21 at Texas LinuxFest
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