Science tools borrow Rust

The reasons you need a software to perform calculations may vary, but if you come from a science or engineering background, you might need results to project electric circuits, process data or try to predict an output. There are several open source tools to help you with calculations - one of them is Octave, written mostly in C++. “What if we rewrite some of this functions using Rust to see what happens?” This talk will answer this question, showing an interesting journey to rewrite linear algebra functions, complex functions and structures often used into Digital Circuit processing or circuit schematics (such as FFT). Topics: Some inconveniences of C/C++ Rust as a possible solution to improve collaboration on tools like Octave First big challenge - I don’t know math Rewriting basic matrix functions with Rust Some functions involving complex numbers and Rust Attempts of FFT Lessons learned on types, safety and Rust Language Epilogue --- For more go to or follow us on Twitter: Help us caption & translate this video!
Length: 36:09
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Recorded on 2016-09-17 at RustFest
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