Programing, stress and mindfulness (Hebrew)

As programmers, we encounter stress in many forms: release dates, production bugs, hack even some code reviews can become stressful. I’m pretty sure that everyone got his share of stress while working in the industry and experienced some of its negative effects on his physical and emotional wellbeing. The thing about stress is that it slowly creeps in and sometimes we are not even aware of it’s existence. Each person reacts to it differently: Some bite their nails, some have restless legs, some go visit the kitchen frequently (and you know how that ends). In this talk, I wish to cast a light on the everyday stressors that programmers experience and share my experience on using mindfulness as a method to become aware of, and eventually reduce stress at work (and some other techniques)
Length: 31:04
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Recorded on 2016-09-19 at Reversim Summit
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