Building mentoring into an os community that welcomes and values new contributors

This session will talk about how to integrate mentoring into all the different layers of an open source project. This involves a change in the whole community which treats new contributors with respect, knowing they have something valuable to contribute to the project. Find the links in the slides

Mentoring contributors to Drupal

  • IRC Mentoring office hours
  • Sprint days were mentoring events
  • DrupalCon 3,000 people. Sprint Day 400 people. 16 mentors.

IRC Mentoring offic houts

  • Scheduled
  • Dedicated time
  • There is always an expereinced mentor there
  • Once a week
There are two sessions, one for new contributors and one for criticals. People can move from the former to the latter if they already know how to do one thing, eg. issue a pull-request.

Special features of the official mentoring hour on IRC:

  • Provide immediate feedback to work done by the contributors with directions how to improve that.
  • New contributors feel supported, they get support from "big names" in the community.
  • Same channel as the generic conversation, people can overhear other conversations and get involved.
In-person events are similar just more intense and more overhearing and more personal.

Speaker works at BlackMesh

She also works on Drupal 8

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Recorded on 2015-06-23 at Open Source Bridge
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