Server Farm to Table or, how the Internet works

Understand this to make your site super fast.

Understand the Internet in less than 25 minutes.

  1. IP address Lookup: Caching, /etc/hosts, DNS server, (UDP), dig
  2. Opening a TCP socket to port 80 SYN, ACK, CDNs
  3. Security Stuff (use https on port 443) TLS
  4. HTTP Request (Apache, Nginx, HTTP Daemon
  5. Server Things (GET/POST/...)
  6. HTTP Response (HTTP Response codes, curl, gzip)
  7. Parsing (DOM tree, JavaScript time!) Use script async
  8. Rendering (both HTML and CSS are blocking rendering, that's why it is good to put at the top of the HTML)

annotated slides

Length: 26:33
Recorded on 2016-06-24 at DinosaurJS
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